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The Upline Group


Upline Group is organized into autonomous subsidiaries, and it has support functions that back up the various businesses developed by business banking: Corporate finance, asset management, Securities brokerage, On-line Securities Brokerage, Private equity and Insurance Brokerage. Support functions are grouped within a Corporate Centre as follows:

The Resources Directorate : is the entity in charge of managing human resources and logistics within the group. It implements an HR development policy that is in line with the guidelines set by the group’s general management. That policy takes the form of :

  • staff administration
  • staff management
  • developing colleagues’ competences
  • training colleagues
  • career management, bringing colleagues’ aspirations in line with the organisation’s requirements
  • rolling our social advantages that enable resource loyalty to be developed.

Administration and Finance working on behalf of the Holding Company and all its subsidiaries, carries out accounting and financial management as well as providing tax and legal services. For that purpose, the Directorate is structured as follows :

The main missions assigned to the Administrative and Financial Directorate can be summarised as follows :

  • ensure the reliability of accounting and financial information provided to the group‘s shareholders and general management, in accordance with current legislation
  • ensure that the accounting complies with new standards in force (stock-exchange company and IFRS)
  • co-ordinate work by Auditors of Accounts as well as internal and external auditors
  • drawing up and monitoring the implementation of the group’s annual budget, in accordance with the strategic choices of the general management and of the Banque Populaire Group
  • facilitating meetings of the Group Treasury Management Committee and laying the groundwork for meetings of the Performance-Monitoring Committee and of the Board of Directors
  • drawing up regulatory reporting (Company Accounts and Consolidated Accounts) and management reporting for the heads of subsidiaries and the Group’s General Management
  • optimising management procedures for financial and accounting flows
  • regulatory watch linked to accounting and tax aspects managed by Administration and Finance.

Audit and Compliance.

Internal Audit and Compliance is in charge of carrying out periodic checks and of the compliance of transactions in light of regulatory provisions, rules of ethics, and internal procedures.

The entity is attached to the Managing Director and also answers to the Group’s Audit Committee, which enables it to carry out its missions with the greatest objectivity and independence.

In that field, mindful of its reputation and of preserving its client’s interests, the Upline Group has chosen to adopt the highest standards in matters of ethics, compliance, and internal checks.

To that end, the Upline Group has drawn up a code of ethics that sets out the rules of good conduct that must be followed by staff (business confidentiality, priority given to clients’ interests, diligence and loyalty in handling transactions, preventing conflicts of interest, use of privileged information, etc.).

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