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Spontaneous application

Tips for being “THE” ideal applicant within Upline Group:

A certain number of traits are shared and requested by our recruiters. the most sought-after skills are linked much more to interpersonal skills, but without neglecting the person’s ability in respect of know-how in her / his field of activity. Key factors for success in order to excel within our group would be:

  • The ability to be operational quickly, in order to swiftly take on an active role.
  • The ability and the willingness to learn quickly.
  • The ability to manage several missions and projects at once – in other words: multi-tasking.
  • Stress management.
  • The applicant’s entrepreneurial aspect, with the ability to take the initiative in order to be a source for proposals.
  • A critical mind.
  • Team spirit and team-working.
  • The ability to act in detail whilst taking a step back – in other words: the ability to zoom in and zoom out.


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