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Job offers

Recruitment: Applicants with qualifications from the leading graduate schools

With the aim of providing a high-quality service to our clientele, we recruit executives trained in the leading graduate schools and universities of Morocco and other countries:

Graduates from French Grandes Écoles (Graduate Schools) of engineering and business: École Centrale, École Polytechnique, École des Mines, École des Ponts et Chaussées, Sciences-Po, HEC, ESSEC, ESCP, Sup de Co, etc.

Master of Business Administration from leading universities in the USA and in Europe

Graduates of the best business and engineering schools in Morocco: ISCAE, ENCG, etc.

Our human-resources management policy:

  • Sets out the group’s values and objectives
  • Acknowledges and encourages the contribution of each colleague
  • Ensures cohesion between teams, and encourages harmony in exercising responsibility
  • Respects preferred values and ensures that they are promoted
  • Guides attitudes and behaviour along the lines of chosen values
  • A complete “Great Wall of China” of business lines to meet international ethics requirements
  • Favours meritocracy by rewarding the best colleagues in terms of career development.
Currently, there are no job offers in this section.

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