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ICF AL WASSIT, a brokerage firm that is a subsidiary of the Upline Group and that specialises in the on-line stock exchange, offers its clients a secure, practical, high-performance platform for stock-exchange transactions in real time, on a fully independent, simple basis.

Through its web site, The Casablanca Stock Exchange offers all market information in real time, enabling you to benefit from all the advantages of your On-Line Stock Exchange account:

  • Real-time access to the stock market
  • Real-time time transmission and monitoring of your shares and UCITS orders
  • Real-time evaluation of your portfolio
  • 24-hour access to your account
  • Access to publications, analyses, and research notes by the Upline Group Analysis and Research.

ICF AL WASSIT also provides its clients with financial advisers to guide them in their investments.

« » also enables you to diversify your investments with the UCITS-dedicated area.

To benefit fully from the advantages offered by the On-Line Stock Exchange platform, all you have to do is go to your Banque Populaire branch.

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