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Upline Courtage was set up in 2007. It is the captive company of GBP, a subsidiary of the Upline Group. Upline Courtage specialises in insurance consultancy and brokerage. Given its status as an insurance consultant, Upline Courtage manages – in addition to Damages contracts of insurance and company cover for all GBP subsidiaries and collaborators - Bancassurance contracts aimed at private clients, as well as insurance programmes for a certain number of businesses that are Group clients.

Since its creation and taking up its mission as Centre of Excellence of the Banque Populaire Group for insurance matters, Upline Courtage has been given the task – in co-ordination with BCP market functions – of drawing up and negotiating new Bancassurance and damages insurance products aimed at the following segments: private individuals (Mass Market, Low-Income Banking, and Private Banking): Borrower Death, Death linked to account, death insurance, accidental death, savings, hospitalisation, fire, explosion covering credits, Home Multi-risk, Contractual Indemnities for Students, etc., as well as other insurance products aimed at businesses: professional multi-risk, insurance linked to Business E-Banking Cards(theft and fraudulent use of cards, luggage theft, etc.).

In addition, Upline Courtage, working with BCP, has carried out an overall review of Damages insurance contracts for all components of the Banque Populaire Group (BCP, BPR, and subsidiaries): embezzlement, fraud, Overall Banking, Office Multi-risk, IT Comprehensive, Civil Liability, Holiday Camps, Holiday Centres, etc. and social insurance contracts: Accident in the Workplace, Personal Individual Insurance, Insurance for Senior Managers, etc. That was done after lengthy consultation with the local market. In addition, there is the setting up of an “Employee” car insurance policy that gives significant benefits in respect of tariff conditions and profit guarantee for all employees of the Banque Populaire Group, as a background to very attractive tariff reductions and guarantees judiciously negotiated with the insurer.

1 January 2011 was a red-letter day for Upline Courtage. On that date, Upline Courtage became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Upline Group. That reclassification was behind an evident change in the company’s strategy. In addition to being a captive company of the Banque Populaire Group, Upline Courtage was assigned the mission of putting forward – in partnership with fellow brokers, leaders in the Moroccan market – offers in respect of insurance programmes, benefiting from the effect of the synergy with all the subsidiaries of the Upline Group as well as the other entities of the Banque Populaire Group.

In order to take on its new identity as a subsidiary of the Upline Group, in September 2012, the captive company changed its name from Chaâbi Courtage to Upline Courtage, with a consequent change in logo.​​​

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