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Our business lines


Upline Corporate Finance is a well reputed investment bank in the Moroccan market. Since it was set up in 1992, it has been able to develop regional expertise of its activities in Northern and Western Africa.

Upline Corporate Finance offers its clients (private and public businesses, investors, and institutional clients) the full range of financial-engineering services: mergers and acquisitions; financial consultancy, fund-raising consultancy (debt and own funds), restructuring advisory, etc.

A team of twenty investment bankers strive to respond to the varied missions: public takeover bid / public exchange bid, mergers, transfers, acquisitions, debt or capital restructuring, leveraged buy-outs, funds raising, etc.

Our aim is to provide the most suited answer to our clients needs , and to work with them to build a long-term relationship. To that end, our teams rely on genuine independent advisory as well as on original, sophisticated solutions that create value.

Upline Corporate Finance is based in Casablanca, Morocco, and it is backed by Groupe Banque Populaire, which is present in 10 countries of Sub-Saharan Africa (Mali, the Central African Republic, Niger, Senegal, the Ivory Coast, Benin, Togo, Burkina Faso, Guinea Conakry, and Mauritania).

Upline Corporate Finance also works with the Group’s investment bank based in Abidjan to develop synergies that enable them to accompany clients across all sectors in West Africa.

A record of successfully completed transactions since 1992.

  • A team educated at the best universities and business schools of Europe, North America, and Morocco, with a rich and diversified experience.
  • An approach based on trust and proximity.
  • Tailor-made solutions.
  • Missions carried out in a context of strict confidentiality.

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