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Our business lines


In line with a cross-cutting approach, the Analysis and Research Division was set up in 2011 with a view to serving all the business lines of the Upline Group in matters of high-quality financial research.

Thus, our analysts assist the brokerage company’s clients in choosing their investment based on targeted analysis that is tailored to the needs of the clientele, whether Moroccan or foreign.

Made up market specialists (shares, rates, exchange, etc.), the team provides clients with publications at regular intervals, as well as specific research notes that enable monitoring of the variation and forecasts of the various securities quoted on the Casablanca Stock Exchange. To that end, our research team is able to produce fundamental and technical (chartist) analyses for all the companies listed. In parallel, our analysts closely monitor macro-economic indicators, with notes being drafted on that basis.

Finally, and with a view to best serve Upline’s clients, all our research is avallable in French and in English.​​

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